Do you have the money and body you desire?

Could it be even more magnificent? To have it all, the MONEY and the BODY you secretly hope for ALL THE TIME! What if it has nothing to do with the amount of struggle or sacrifice you endure? What if it was as simple as changing how you see things? Or acknowledging your magic of what is showing up with money and your body even though it may not be showing up as you think it should?

You are the CREATOR of your money & body

You are with your money and body constantly….so what do YOU know about both?  Dive in with Donnielle in this 2-part online series and discover the connection money has with your body.  

Somewhere don’t you know everything is possible? Do you have the “feeling” or “energy” of everything being possible and obtainable? What if that awareness of energy is one of the things that will change EVERYTHING?

Donnielle will explore the energetic tools that assist you in stopping the patterns and habits with your body and your life that keep you stuck. Receive simple tools that you can use NOW to create something different with your money and your body, as a by-product.

Are you ready? Then the change has already begun. Let’s go play and explore!



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What You Will Receive:
2x Audio & Video Replays
Total change with your BODY + MONEY

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