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2 Hour Class. Started as a Right Body for You intro and ended up being an amazing class on the Access Clearing Statement and the tool of Asking a Question

We've been told that there is only one acceptable Female Body Type and one accpetable Male Type Body. WHAT?????

Have you looked out there? Are we all clones? Heck no. There are so many different types of bodies. Why would we judge ourselves by one type? If we weren't doing that would we even have to judge ourselves or are bodies at all?

Also there is only one way to heal or change a body? to change the body is an unique as each body itself. 

This call is designed to assist you with getting rid of the ONE SIZE you've been sold so you and your body can create the unique body and life that you trully be!

This call will be zoom so it can be video or you can use your phone. It's as easy as that.

You will receive:
1 x 90 minute phone call
1 x PDF clearings from call
1 x mp3 Process Loop

All our lives we worry about the image of our body. Did you know that the phrase Body Image was created by marketers in the '50s? 

What would our lives and our bodies be like if we weren't harboring under the lie that there is an image of a body we are supposed to be or achieve? Without it maybe we can finally not judge ourselves or our bodies?

What if having no image to create will create the body we desire?

1 x MP3 90 Minute Telecalls

1 x MP3 Process Loops

1 x PDF Written Processes

2 Hour Class full of Clearings going beyond "Resolutions".

An Advanced Intro Class.


8 Keys that when used will help you discover & create the Right BODY for You.


You may have heard of the book Right Body for You.  You may have even read the Right Body for You.  


We did a special and unique 14 PART Book Club series of the Right Body for You Book.  14 Chapters and 14 weeks.

Gain a deeper understanding and awareness of the amazing tools presented in the book.

Have the the the book club!  It's as easy as that!


The Book Club was with Right Body for You contributing author Donnielle Carter.  it's full of clarity and clearings all brought with Donnielle's unique sense of humor and insight

The Book Club was done both video and over the phone and both version are included in this unique package!

You will receive:
14 x 60 minute auidos

14 x 60 minute videos you can watch online or download
14 x PDF clearings from each call/chapter
14 x mp3 Process Loop



IT'S BODY TIME!!! 30 Days of Nurturing YOU and YOUR body! 

What would your life be like if nurturing you and your body were a daily thing?  And what if it wasn't a "job"? 

Topics Include:
- Create Money in Your Life
- Stop Judgment
- Lessen Pain & Stress
- Prepare Your Body for the Holidays
- End Struggle with your family
- Create the Body YOU desire

You will receive:
 - 30 Different Body Related Topics Each dealing with Bodies.

 - Each Day contains a PDF of Processes and FULL of Information.  Also included is a video or mp3 of Process loop or a mp3 call

 - 30 Process PDFs and description of Day

 - 4 x 90 minute MP3 Calls

 - 1 x 90 minute Zoom Call Video

 - 17 Youtube Videos

 - 12 Process Loops MP3



Does your body speak Greek but you don’t know Greek??? Do you think you only communicate with your body about half the time? Or less?


What would it take to be the ease & space of continuous communication with your body?

What does that look like? What’s it supposed to look like? So much of your life and your awareness is connected to communication with your body. What if communication with your body is one of the keystones to consciousness? Would you be willing to be it?

You will receive:

7 x MP3 90 Minute Telecalls

7 x MP3 Process Loops

7 x PDF Written Processes

2 x MP3 Activity 


Stop Waiting Start Creating! 

First 2 calls on this series assist with getting YOU clear on what YOU desire to create not what this reality says you should create.

The second 2 calls begins the creation process all of us together and all of us contributing.  Doesn't matter if you are doing this later the contribution energy is there!

*Originally created for starting the New Year and can contribute to anytime you desire to Create!

You will receive:

4 x MP3 90 Minute Telecalls

4 x MP3 Process Loops

4 x PDF Written Processes

1 x PDF Creation Tips


What is Embodiment?  What if it's MORE than having a body?

Explore the gift that having a body can be.  When you include your body your whole life can change INCLUDING your body!

You will receive:

6 x MP3 90 Minute Telecalls

6 x MP3 Process Loops

6 x PDF Written Processes