What is it about food_ event2.png

What if food could be a friend instead of a foe?

You ever ask yourself why the fight with food?

Why do we have to eat?

What is food doing to my body?

Why does it control me?

What is it about food??

This series is for you!

There is a difference between food and eating and there is freedom & change for you and your body when you realize it and build from there.

2 Part Series ~ June 2nd & 9th.

Find your time HERE

(Same time for both dates)

You'll receive:

  • 2 x 90 min live zooms

  • Video & Audio recordings of zooms

  • 1 x mp3 loop & PDF of select processes from both zooms

 $96 USD 

(Country Pricing Applies)

Let the Exploration Begin!