Have you ever asked your body what it desired to look like? Did it tell you that it desired to weigh less than it currently does? How many of us have asked that question and yet we never change anything? What are those moments where we override and don’t allow our bodies to look and be what it desires to be? Is now your time to explore this and make some changes?

As this is an exploration we will be creating and discovering this together as we go. Exploration program includes:

  • ​One 30 min 1 on 1 session with Donnielle
  • Getting Started Call

  • Bi-Weekly Live Group Zooms - Subjects Include

    • Food
    • Family & Genetics
    • Body Image
    • Body Communication
  • Weekly Group Activities

  • Private WhatsApp chat

  • Daily Contribution emails with information that can include:
    • Actions to take
    • Process Loops
    • Training Videos
    • Inspirational Videos/information

Are you ready to commit to your life, living and body?

Exploration program starts April 4th!
Price: $540.00 USD

"Thank you Donnielle. You contribute so much to the universe doing this class, you have opened up so many doors for my body and my being that I have struggled with all my life. Thank you for being you and showing me a different way of being. Donnielle is amazing!!"

D. M. G.

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