Turning the Molecules of Pain with Donnielle Carter


For 20-minutes a day for 3 days/month, I will guide you through the experience of turning the molecules of pain to bring about change so you can switch on your fullest presence with your body and its pain.

Providing you with the space to know, no matter how bad the discomfort is, or gets, you can live in the now and have:

  • Pain free moments, that turn into hours and then days,
  • Precious moments with your loves - no more being frozen in pain, and
  • Intimacy and connection with your body.

Would you be interested in exploring something completely weird and different with your pain?

🙌 What You Will Receive:

  • 3X Audio & Video Replays
  • Total change with your body AND your PAIN!

🦄 Let's Go!

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$47.00 USD