Everyday Spell-Casting


*An Energy of Words Call with Donnielle Carter

In this class, we explored the power of words and how they can impact our lives in profound ways.

Just like traditional spell-casting, our everyday conversations have the potential to create magic. Every word we speak or think carries energy and intention, shaping our reality and the world around us. So, let's dive deep into the art of intentional communication and discover how we can use our words to manifest our desires.

To guide you on this journey, we'll explore questions such as:

  1. What results do I desire from this conversation?
  2. Which words align with the energy I want to create and manifest my desired outcome?
  3. What energy am I invoking with the words I use towards myself, my body, and others?
  4. Am I truly aligned with what I'm asking for?

Remember, communication is not limited to just spoken words; it's also about the energy we transmit. 

So, my fellow magician, let's embark on this journey together and enjoy the Everyday Spell Casting that comes with using our words intentionally. Who knows what incredible creations await us?

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  • 90-minute audio and video replay

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Creating A Magical Life with the Words That You Speak 💫 



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