Have you struggled with weight, eating disorders, pain, illness or body image insecurities?


Do you and your body feel joy every day? What if you could? What would your life be like then?


In this interactive workshop you will:

- Build Communication and Communion with your body

- Develop Conscious Eating Habits

- Increase your psychic awareness

- Eliminate points of view that are keeping you from generating the life and body

you and your body desire. Including media and DNA

- End judgments of your body and YOU

- Be the you, you know you truly are!



Have you been wanting to change your body and your life?

What if the key to life was not judging your body but being grateful for it?

How would your life change generating it from that space?


What if your body was your best friend?


This workshop was created by Donnielle Carter and is based on the

Right Body for You tools that were developed by

Access Consciousness™ Founder Gary Douglas and

Access Consciousness™ Co-Creator Dr. Dain Heer.




WE ARE LIVESTREAMING!! If you are unable to make it in person but the

magic is tickling your toes way too much to ignore, we invite you to

livestream the class in the comfort of your slippers.

(Note: you are also more than welcome to wear your slippers to class even if attending in person.

We won't judge. We might even be wearing our own.)