What the heck is Right Body for You?

Right Body for You classes have been circling around Access Consciousness for nearly 10 years and I still have people ask me with confusion in their voice, “What is Right Body for You all about?”

Simply put Right Body for You is about inviting you to the joy and contribution that your body can be right now in this moment. That your body can be a gift no matter what size, shape or health level. It’s about getting out of judgment of your body and getting out of judgment of YOU! And then from that space of simultaneous gratitude and contribution BODIES CAN TRULY CHANGE WITH EASE.

And for some Right Body for You is the first time that many people acknowledge that they have a body. I know that sounds strange but it’s true. Acknowledging that you have a body is more than feeding it, clothing it and exercising it. It’s about communication WITH your body, the consciousness of your body and not telling your body what to do and how to try to be. It’s about ease. Ease is all things.

The more I facilitate these classes the more I hear the remark, “RBFY are life classes not just body classes.” This is very true. You and your body are in a symbiotic relationship so that when you stop judging your body your life changes and when you stop judging you and your life, your body changes.

Have you acknowledged the brilliance in your creation? In the creation that we call a body? Are you working with your body or forcing your body to submit to your will? Are you looking at you and your body thru gratitude or judgment?

Ease with your body is possible, will you choose it?

Right Body for You – it’s about the creation of your life with the contribution of your body!

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