A Crazy Notion About Bodies!

I have studied and been exposed to theories and modalities about bodies for almost 30 years. My mother was a nutritionist with a radio talk show for 25 years and I saw a parade of ideas, drinks, pills, protocols and concepts to change your body. Many were good and a few were great. They created much change for many people everywhere. Then one day I heard the strangest concept and it literally made me stop short. A crazy notion but one that made me look at my body in a way I’d never considered before and instantly I saw that so much more was possible. What was the crazy notion? Talk to the consciousness of your body and ask it questions.

Does the earth and the plants have a consciousness? Yes. This is widely accepted concept. So if our bodies are made up of similar elements wouldn’t it make sense that the molecules of our bodies have a consciousness also?

Simply put…. Your body has a consciousness and knows what it likes and requires. So, ask your body for everything that pertains to it. You know how you’re always guessing what is good for your body or what will happen when you eat something? Who eats? You? Or your body? Your body does. So if your body has a consciousness and it is the one that eats the next step would be to ask your body what IT would like to eat. When you give the body what it is asking for so many of the problems we deal with go away.

What? You can change your body just by asking it questions? Yep. We spend out lives ignoring the greatest source of information about our body. Our body! It’s akin to getting a book on how to build a bridge and then refusing to open it and read it but instead staring at it expecting it to give you the instructions. Our body has the information on how to change it or how to heal it. We wouldn’t listen for what reason?

A couple of things to be aware of when talking to your body. Your body doesn’t respond in words it responds in energy. It could make you feel sick to your stomach or feel light headed or excited or giggly. The more you ask your body questions the more you will learn how you and your body communicate. Ask your body to show you what is a yes and what is a no. it will tell you if you’re willing to listen. Also, when talking to your body you have to talk to your body. Meaning when you ask questions like, “What would I like to eat?” You are talking about YOU the infinite being not your body. So address your body like you would talk to a friend.

Here are 5 questions that you can ask your body to create change.

  1. Body, what would you like to eat?

  2. Body, what would you like to wear?

  3. Body, who would you like to have sex with?

  4. Body, what do you require to heal?

  5. Body, what do you require to lose weight?

What if you already communicate with your body more than you acknowledge? Do you know when you need to go to the bathroom? You’re communicating with your body. Do you know when danger is near? You’re communicating with your body. What if you could take it beyond that? Ask your body a question and see what occurs. You might like what you find.

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