What can you acknowledge today that will change your tomorrow?

I saw the new James Bond film yesterday and I had an interesting "WOW" moment. I have spent my life watching the James Bond films dreaming of traveling to the places where he went, longing to go. They all seemed exotic and elegant. Prior to yesterday the last Bond film I saw was in November of 2012 and I had the same reaction, “Oh it would be so nice to go there. What would that be like? Maybe someday?” I wished but wasn’t doing much about it. NOW in December 2015 watching the Bond film what was my reaction? “He’s in London. Oh I miss London. I love it there; I can’t wait to go there again in 2016. Hey it’s Roma! I’ve walked those streets next to the ruins and I can’t wait to go there again in 2016. Italy is a favorite of mine. Hey now Japan….I’m going there in 2016. He is in Austria? I’m heading there in 2016 so exciting. Now he’s in Africa….oh yeah I need to buy my tickets for the 7 day in South Africa in February. Tangier….huh not planned that but that might be fun to go.”

For a moment I forgot to watch the movie. I was amazed at the change in just 3 years. Instead of dreaming and longing to go to these places I had BEEN to many of those places with plans to go to the rest. What a gift Right Body for You and Access Consciousness have been to me to give me the chance to make these places of Bond part of my reality. And then I became even more grateful to those who’ve invited me into their countries and those who’ve come to classes and welcomed me.

I also had to acknowledge that I chose that. I chose to no longer sit by and let those places remain a mystery and a locale to long for. I had been in a moment of weird holiday “blah” and when I acknowledged the life that I created was the life that I had been dreaming of it gave me the ease and space to create during a time when a lot of folks were slowing down. Am I done with life? Heck NO! The life I’m creating is always changing and expanding. With yesterday’s acknowledgment my life instantly got bigger and more became possible.

Acknowledging is not about looking back or comparing to the past to judge myself on what I have or haven’t done or to monitor progress. You have to see what is so that you can create what can be. Somewhere in my universe I was still longing for the life I had decided Bond locations would be, that it was still beyond me. Now I’m not an international spy jumping out of planes and drinking shaken not stirred martinis while fighting with arch enemies (maybe – ha) however I have become comfortable and familiar with what I had previously considered exotic locales. These exotic locales are a part of my life. I had asked and demanded it and it has shown up. Wow! How cool is that? What else is possible beyond my dreams? Does it look different then my dreams of youth? Yes. Is it lacking? Not in the least! It’s better than my first youthful dreams. Simply put acknowledging what my life is like now allowed me to know more was possible beyond what I had previously thought was the ultimate life. I changed my future….again.

What can you acknowledge today that would change tomorrow?

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