Eat that Christmas Cookie! Santa Does!

Every year we hear the phrase, “Tis the Season”. “Tis the Season” is supposed to indicate a season of joy, giving and gratitude leading up to Christmas. Lately it’s indicated the season of guilt. And quite a lot of this guilt is centered around food. As we dive into the holiday season we also go into a time of self-doubt and self deprivation. “There are so many holiday goodies around and I’m being bad if I eat any of them” or “I’m only good if I don’t eat any of the holiday treats”. This season has a common expectation that you will eat until you get sick and then you judge yourself as wrong and bad. What if there was another way?

What if your body has a consciousness of its own and also has a choice on what it would like to eat? And what if your body is sensual and enjoys the sensations and tastes of holiday food? If you are willing to acknowledge your bodies consciousness and ask it what it would like to eat the answers may surprise you.

Who eats, you or your body? Your body does. Would it surprise you then to find out that your body enjoys those holiday cookies, pies, mashed potatoes, Turkey, etc? If you will ask your body, “Body what would you like to eat?” when approaching the holiday tables, you can take away the should I vs shouldn’t I thoughts. Anytime you are eating what your body is asking for it should taste amazing and make your body sing.

“Body, what would you like eat” may be the phrase that gives you back some of the joy that’s been missing from the holiday season. Would you be willing to try it? All you have to lose is the guilt. What better gift to yourself this holiday?

Donnielle is the co-author of Right Body for You and teaches Right Body for You workshops worldwide assisting people changing and enjoying their body.

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