Proving your potency through destruction!

You ever try to prove how potent and magical you are by putting your body in crisis? I know I have. I did it recently again too. I was in Sydney Australia preparing to spend the day on a ferryboat in Sydney harbor. As we were getting ready to head out the door my friend turns to me and asks, “Do you have any sunscreen or do you need some?” Now I’m a redhead prone to burning so this was a great question. What was my response? “No I don’t but I’ll be ok. I’ll just ask my body to not burn.” Now I know this is possible I’ve done it before. However I didn’t ask my body what it would like THIS time.

Off to the ferry we went. On the way I asked my arms and face to not burn. The day went off as planned. We went on the ferry, we saw the Sydney Opera House and I stood defiantly in the sun the entire time. And at the end of the day my face and my arms were not burned. Yeah!! Well kind of yeah! My chest was bright red! I didn’t think about asking my chest.

I now get that having my chest burn was my body’s way of saying, “Ok, no burn on arms and face. Rest is fair game.” I was so bound and determined to prove communication with my body and prove how magical and potent I was that I had intentionally put my body into a crisis mode, into struggle. Luckily this time instead of thinking that I failed or that I wasn’t potent enough, I asked, ‘What’s Right About This I’m Not Getting?’

I asked my body what I could have done different for it. It said that it desired shade and sunscreen that day. I hadn’t bothered asking the question what did it desire before we left because I thought I already knew the answer. I had asked the question previously…wouldn’t it be the same this time? Nope! Our bodies are so capable of magic that often we believe that if we can give it simple assistance, like sunscreen, we are not being magic enough. What if that is the magic then too? What if my friend turning to me and asking me was my body talking to her body and getting her to ask? So much magic is possible!

Where are you putting your body or your life in crisis to prove how potent you are? Or to prove that you are not potent? Would you be willing to be in communication with your body and always ask the questions? Even if you’ve asked the question before?

What does your body desire and require this time and every time?

To learn more about listening to your body or other body issues check out Donnielle’s website and her Right Body for You workshops all over the world.

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