My Mother Body Champion!

I became a warrior and champion for bodies from my mother. Every day of my life I saw her reading books, magazines, searching for and asking questions about not only how to heal and change her body but those of everyone else also. For 27 years she hosted a weekly health talk radio show where the slogan was, “The Cutting Edge of Health Talk Radio - Find out what’s hot and what’s not in the health field”. She asked questions and pushed boundaries. Never accepting what she was told as the only choice and the only possibility.

She was always the guiding light of our family and still will be for generations still to come. As protective and fierce as a lion when a member of her family became ill she never gave up to changing it. From her brother’s brain tumor and her father’s dementia to her grandchild’s severe Candida or bowel problems, she bucked this reality and found what would change it. She got into exploring bodies like so many others di, she was not well. From the first diagnosis of arthritis at the age of 16 with the prognosis of being in a wheelchair by the age of 40 and subsequent additions of constant hay fever, asthma and pneumonia her health declined rapidly. In her 30s she got a parasite and the medication from that caused her liver to begin to fail. At the age of 41 she was told to get her affairs in order that she wasn’t going to live more than 6 months. She refused to accept this diagnosis. She went straight to the library looking for answers and she found them. And thus began the questions of what else was possible with bodies. She became a certified nutritionist all the while being the mother of 5 children. When she died of a Pulmonary Embolism at the age of 72 she was medication free and played with her 18 grandchildren regularly and easily.

All of this enthusiasm she passed on to her children and then to her grandchildren. The amount of knowledge I learned about bodies from her shows and life is immeasurable. Most importantly, I was taught to never give up on my body. That my body was a gift even if it wasn’t the size I desired or the health level I wanted. I can’t tell you the number of times she said, “Be nice to your body because you have nowhere else to live” I also never feared disease. When other’s talked about the fear of getting cancer and the death sentence that it carried I would shrug nonchalantly and say, “If that ever happened I would heal it”. Through her I got a different point of view that I’m so grateful for. Not to say I was always “Yeah Body”. Like many children I resisted what she did and fought her for years.

One of the greatest gifts her radio show gave me was the introduction to a set of tools and techniques called Access Consciousness. Dr. Dain Heer was on her show one Saturday morning and my life and body have never been the same. That was when I really began to enjoy my body. And for the next 5 years I got to explore bodies with my mother using the Access tools.

It’s such an honor to be able to pay tribute to my mother by building on what she started. To work with people in seeing the gifts of their body as it is and then allowing it to change from there. There isn’t a workshop or class that I facilitate without my quoting my mother and drawing on the knowledge I gained from listening to her and working with her in her quest to question what everyone else said was true and unchangeable with bodies. And even though I’ve been doing a radio show about bodies for almost for over 2 years now called Right Body for You I JUST realized as I’m typing this that I’m doing a show about bodies just like my mother did. I also sign off in an honoring of her. She used to close her show with, “Make it a fun week, a happy week and a healthy week and be back next week cause I will be. Bye bye”.

Thank you Mom for the continued gift you be to me and my footprint on the world. It’s an honor to assist people in changing their bodies and their lives. Your life continues to be a model of changing the world.

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