The Energy Of Words

DC The Energy Of Words.png

Have you ever asked for one thing and you got the complete opposite? That’s because the energy behind

the words you are using does not match.

When you use words and you are congruent

with the energy you intended

then magic is created and lives change!

The original language is energy. One day we decide to put words to those energies and verbal and written language was created. Therefore, words represent the energy that we assigned it to. When we speak or use those words we bring up that energy. Does this mean that words have all the power? NOPE! Words are an element to the magic we create every day.

Using the Access Consciousness tools we will first clear the confusion and limitations around words, energy and language. During the 1 & 2 day classes we will be taking samples of your conversations with;

others, your body, your business, money, earth, etc and go through and explore the interactions to see where you were using words that weren’t congruent and why you got the opposite. When you bring you and your vulnerability to look at what you were truly asking for with the asks that you put in the world, the future will be created.

What magic can you create when you are using words that match what you are asking for?
What life and living can you create when you use words that match what you are targeting? EVERYTHING!

Ease, Joy and Glory