Are you the Judge of your body?

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2022

Are you the Judge of your body?

Have you judged that you and your body are in a relationship of pain, suffering and gore?  And then sentenced yourself to a lifetime of misery?  How often do we become “aware” of our bodies by judging them?  Please, look at this.  When you wake up in the morning do you say hello to your body with gratitude and kindness or do you start to judge it?  “I’m too fat. I look tired.  Why can’t my body change?” 


What do you say to your body throughout the day?  Any kindness?  Any gratitude?  Or is it judgment after judgment?  What if it’s not your fault?  We’ve been taught in this reality to judge to find what’s wrong so we can fix it.  With that as the standard operating procedure, where are the possibilities of fun and joy with our body?


What?  Fun and joy with your body?  I know this sounds like a foreign concept to some but if your body got you to read this then somewhere you must know that this is possible? 


Think about somebody who you adore.  Got that person?  Now imagine a time when they were grateful for you and treated you with kindness.  How did that feel?  Does that expand your universe or contract it?  Now imagine that this person judged your cruelly.  How would you feel?  Expanded or contracted?  Which way would you prefer being thought of and treated by a person you adore?


Connect with your body right now.  Does it adore you?  Yes!  So, is it possible that your body is affected by the judgments you heap upon it?  Just like you would with the person you adore?  What if the pain and disease in your body is actually caused by the contraction that your body goes into when you judge it?  This reality says that the way to be aware of your body is to judge it.  What if there was a different possibility?  What if you could use the awareness that your body has of what is going on for it to create a new reality of body awareness?  A Communion between the body and the being that creates oneness, health, and happiness instead of pain, suffering, and disease?  How would that be possible?  What if being grateful and kind to your body are the keys? 


When you find yourself being aware of your body by judging it, I have a simple but potent tool for you.  Gratitude and judgement cannot co-exist.  So, when you are judging your body, acknowledge that you are judging, which helps you to stop. DON’T judge yourself for judging because that’s a vicious cycle, just acknowledge it.  Then acknowledge something you’re grateful for your body about.  The gratitude you feel for your body will cancel out the judgment and help you to shift gears.  Might even make your body feel better immediately. 


Your gratitude could be something as simple as, “Thank you body for being able to feel the sun on my face.” Or “Thank you body for allowing me to feel the hug of a friend.”  Try it, I dare you.  What body awareness would that create?


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