I’ll start tomorrow

donnielle Feb 23, 2022

“I’ll start tomorrow!”

Have you ever uttered those words?
Nope, me neither.
Except daily.
I used to live my life that way. I’ll start the diet tomorrow. I’ll start saving money tomorrow. I’ll start exercising tomorrow. I’ll like myself tomorrow. So, what did I do today? I purged. I purged on food, on spending money, on being a sloth, on hating myself for not having the ability to start thingsThe problem was that tomorrow was always tomorrow...it was always in the future. Tomorrow never came, tomorrow was never today!
We always seem to mean those declarations too! The excitement and enthusiasm we have today never seem to be there the next morning. I’ve even tried the “I’ll start right now!” But that never seemed to work either. I would remember forgotten plans, or food that should be eaten or some other excuse. How do we change all of this? 
Here are 3 easy steps I and countless others have used to stop the procrastination.
1. Don’t judge yourself for the pastYes, I know judging ourselves is quite the hobby and one of our favorite activities but what if we didn’t judge ourselves? Especially for those things we did nodo! Every time we seem to utter the words, “I’ll start tomorrow” or some variation we also pull up the energy of all the times we didn’t start and all the judgment we did of ourselves at that time. Underneath those declarations comes the energy of, “I probably won’t because I didn’t last time ”JUDGMENT! We set ourselves up for failure each and every time. Is it any wonder we don’t start tomorrow? Instead use the question, “If I didn’t judge myself for not doing this, what would I become aware of?”. This question opens the door to being aware of the why you didn’t do it.  
2. Be vulnerable with yourself, do you truly want to start what you are planning? I’ll be honest, I’ve never put something off that I truly desired to do or start. When the excitement and energy is there, I can hardly wait to begin. What about you? Please look at it. Did you want to start that diet you said would start tomorrow? I’m not talking “should do it” but desire and want. Did you want to start that diet or exercise plan or not spend money? If you didn’t then THAT is why you didn’t start. It has nothing to do with being “weak willed”. If you desire to have the result but don’t desire to do what you’ve sworn to start tomorrow, you need to ask yourself a question. “Truth, what can l do different here that would create the result for me?” Then go with that. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense, it rarely does. But if you are excited and the energy is there to do it THEN you will do it.
3. What would it take for this to be fun for me? Alright, let’s look at the shoulds”. I get it, we all have those things we “have to do”. If you can’t change what you are “required to do” then maybe you can change the energy around it. This simple question of “What would it take for this to be fun for me?” begins to unravel those places where we have decided that because we “have to do it” it means it can’t be fun, easor fast. Sometimes it even leads to a new more enjoyable path of doing an old thing.
When you judge yourself for the not doing you get lost in the swirl of negative energy which stops any forward progression. It also then hides from you the information of what would be fun, if you desire to do itwhy you are not choosing it and when to start it. When you take a moment and lower your barriers and be vulnerable with these tools you open the door to creating with ease and fun the life and the body that you truly desire. 
Tomorrow, my friends, has finally arrived.
Donnielle Carter is an international speaker, radio host and author who facilitates Right Body For You workshops that enable you to enjoy and change your body now not later.  To contact Donnielle or learn more about the Right Body for You Workshops go to www.Donnielle.com

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