I’ll start tomorrow

donnielle Feb 23, 2022

“I’ll start tomorrow!”

Have you ever uttered those words?
Nope, me neither.
Except daily.
I used to live my life that way. I’ll start the diet tomorrow. I’ll start saving money tomorrow. I’ll start exercising tomorrow. I’ll like myself tomorrow. So, what did I do today? I purged. I purged on food, on spending money, on being a sloth, on hating myself for not having the ability to start thingsThe problem was that tomorrow was always tomorrow...it was always in the future. Tomorrow never came, tomorrow was never today!
We always seem to mean those declarations too! The excitement and enthusiasm we have today never seem to be there the next morning. I’ve even tried the “I’ll start right now!” But that never seemed to work either. I would remember forgotten plans, or food that should be eaten or some other excuse. How do we change all of...
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Can your judgment change food?

donnielle Dec 23, 2021

Can your judgment change food?

You’ve done what you are supposed to do.  You’ve asked your body what it would like to eat and it’s told you a chocolate candy bar.  What do you do next?  You say to yourself, “Well if a chocolate bar is what my body desires, then it won’t negatively affect my body” What happens then?  You gain weight, you feel sick, you break out…WHAT HAPPENED?  “I was supposed to eat the chocolate and everything would be good!”


Yes, your body may have indicated that it desired the chocolate bar and TRUTH do you have any judgment of chocolate?  What it may do to your body?  The rightness of it or the wrongness of it?  The sugar in it?  That you shouldn’t be eating it?  What if what we are judging about the food could negate how much our body receives from the food? 


Your Body speaks energy.  As you are eating the food that your body...

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Stuff The Turkey Not You!

donnielle Nov 21, 2021

The holidays are upon us. 

And you know what that means…presents, fun and food: lots and lots of food.  It has become a holiday tradition to stuff our bodies full of the yummy goodies that constantly surround us during the holidays to the point of getting sick.  We tell ourselves that we deserve it.  That it’s only once a year so go ahead. 


But what if there was another choice? 

What if you could eat everything you and your body desired yet not have the typical feeling of sickness, weightiness and fullness?  What if you could start that process now and so after the holidays you could feel better than when they started?  How would this be possible you ask? Simple, ask your body what food it wants to eat, when it wants to eat and how much it wants to eat?


What? Ask your body what it wants?  Aren’t you the one who is supposed to know better? 


If every molecule of this universe has a consciousness...

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