5 Ways you know Your Body is Communicating with You

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2022

5 Ways you know Your Body is Communicating with You


What if I told you that communication with your body could change your life?  That it was actually a key to changing your body?  Would you be willing to explore that possibility? 


Your body is a sensory organism that is constantly giving you information.  It gives you information about it, you, the earth, other people, and other people’s bodies and more. What can you do with that information?  Everything and anything!  This information can be things like; what it requires (food, medication, sleep, what it takes to change it, etc), if someone is mad or sad, that someone has a disease, that the earth is about to have an earthquake and so much more.  You can use that information to create and generate your life.  How?  The more aware you are of everything around you the more data you have to make choices from and what is required and when. 


Great!  Wait…what does that look like?  Is it complicated?  Is it hard?  How do I know if it’s occurring?  In truth, communication with your body is currently ongoing and occurs naturally.


Here are 5 quick ways to begin to recognize that your body is communicating with you and how.

 1. You can feel the difference between rough and smooth – The only way you can perceive the difference is when your body is telling you. Who is feeling the difference?  You?  Or your body?  Your body is.  It detects the difference and then sends you that information so that you can experience it as well.  


2. You are hungry – this is one of the most basic communication and one that causes some of the most confusion. At its core however is communication. When your body requires something to nourish it and it lets you know it with something like stomach growling. 


3. You have a physical sensation – Have you ever been hot or cold? How do you know when to put on a jacket? Your body is telling you!  Your body feels the cold temperature and indicates to you that something is required.  


4. You’ve ever had a pain or been uncomfortable – What if being uncomfortable or in pain isn’t a wrongness or what we’ve been told it is? Things like pain in your elbow or itchy skin is a communication from your body.  Sometimes it’s an awareness of what your body is requiring and sometimes it’s your body telling you something that is going on for another body or even the planet.


5. You fidget – Ever had a hard time sitting still? Twist your hair or bounce your foot up and down? Not just when you were a kid but now?  Yes?  Me too.  So much energy is moving around us.  People’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, excitement, frustration, etc.  Our body is aware of these energies and not being able to sit still is a classic way of our bodies communicating to us that A LOT of energy is present. 


Seems simple, right?  It can be.  You and your body communicate more than you acknowledge.  Every time you acknowledge that you are communicating with your body, you strengthen that communication and so much more is then possible.  Start by acknowledging these 5 things and see what that creates between you and your body.  Then over the next week or so, acknowledge where else you are communicating with your body. 


What is possible for your life when you acknowledge the communication with your body? 

Donnielle Carter is an international speaker, radio host and author who facilitates Right Body For You workshops that enable you to enjoy and change your body now not later.  To contact Donnielle or learn more about the Right Body for You Workshops go to www.Donnielle.com


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