Stuff The Turkey Not You!

donnielle Nov 21, 2021

The holidays are upon us. 

And you know what that means…presents, fun and food: lots and lots of food.  It has become a holiday tradition to stuff our bodies full of the yummy goodies that constantly surround us during the holidays to the point of getting sick.  We tell ourselves that we deserve it.  That it’s only once a year so go ahead. 


But what if there was another choice? 

What if you could eat everything you and your body desired yet not have the typical feeling of sickness, weightiness and fullness?  What if you could start that process now and so after the holidays you could feel better than when they started?  How would this be possible you ask? Simple, ask your body what food it wants to eat, when it wants to eat and how much it wants to eat?


What? Ask your body what it wants?  Aren’t you the one who is supposed to know better? 


If every molecule of this universe has a consciousness then why wouldn’t your body have a consciousness of it’s own too?  And what if listening to that consciousness can enable you to not only survive but thrive during the holidays? 

And what if it’s our judgments of what we expect the tasty treats to do to our body that is really creating those sick feelings not the actual food itself?  You say, I know when I eat this that it’s going to make me sick.  But it’s Christmas so I’ll do it anyway.  And how do you and your body feel after that?  It feels sick, just like you judged it would.  Isn’t that amazing?  You got what you expected. 


What if there was another choice?  What if you asked your body? 


Generally when you ask your body if it wants something and it makes you feel light it is a yes and if it makes you feel heavy than it’s a no.  So next time instead of gobbling down the treat without thinking about it ask, Body, would you like to eat this?  If you feel light then your body would like to eat it.  If you are giving your body what it is asking for, then is there any reason to judge the food that you are eating?  Might that create a different result for you and your body this holiday season?


What if thriving this holiday season could be as easy as asking your body what it wants to eat? Try it; you might be surprised at what yummy things your body asks for.  What have you got to lose?  That overstuffed sick feeling?  What else is possible?


Donnielle Carter is an international speaker, radio host and author who facilitates Right Body For You workshops that enable you to enjoy and change your body now not later.  To contact Donnielle or learn more about the Right Body for You Workshops go to


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